Mission, Vision & Aim

 School is a place where child spends his crucial time and learns at every stage. At Good Day Defence School our mission is to provide an outstanding education and inspire our students to engage in both academic and enriching extra-curricular programmes. Our students at high expectations for themselves, enjoy school and the community is constantly rewards by their achievements.
Good Day Defence School has earned its outstanding reputation through its students' success, its rigorous educational program, its excellent and dedicated staff, its caring community and its engagement in different verticals. 
Our school is a landmark in education and showing the development of character and shaping a student career with preseverance, dedication and discipline. A lot of activities are conducted for the kids which help students develop their communication skills without any compromise with the laid down parameters.

 It is written in a scriptures that education is the greatest wealth, which can neither be divided nor can be steel. It is such a wealth that donating does not hurt. With this aim in mind, Good Day Defence School was established in 2016. The purpose of the school is not just to teach children but the foundation of the country and society is prepared in the school itself. It is our goal that the children of Good Day Defence School should be filled with the spirit of humanity and patriotism. To fulfill these objectives, a different type of education system has been started by the Good Day Defence School. It is  amalgam of Vedic methodology and Sainik School pattern training. This is the first attempt of its kind in the entire country. GDDIANS remain conducted to their traditional traditions by being connected of Vedic culture , while being trained in Sainik School ,they become mentally and physically strong. Here the meaning of Vedic ritual is not limited to any one religion or culture only, but children are made aware of every religion and culture based on the essence of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The Good Day Defence School has made a mark in the field of education in a very short time. Good academic records as and high ranking is verious board examinations have become a synonym to the Good Day Defence School. For us the success is not limited to achieve good ranks but we want to our students to stand firmly on every front in life.

 For us, the aim of education is not to prepare the generation which is in rat race of carrier building only, but to prepare the youth filled with patriotism, humanity and our traditions.
 Our aim is to build GDDIANS  mentally and physically strong so that they can face every challenge of the life and gets succeeded.
Our aim is to provide better education and opportunity to develop the natural talent of every child. Therefore we put our efforts to master children in our in all the disciplines right from the beginning.


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